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Pufies Fashion Collection

Already diapers are not just a necessity. Pufies Fashion Collection available along with the brand's typical sound absorption and comfort - new series diapers , inspired by the latest fashion trends in clothing. There are 68 fashion design - 2 Pack , each a kind of eclectic explosion of colors and patterns.

The idea ? We are sure that every mother will find inspiration in Fashion Collection to be different and experiment . Series created to revitalize and stained otherwise generic nature designs of baby diapers. The same quality as regular diapers Pufies new series is already a fact and urges mothers to dress their kids in joyful and beautiful diapers Fashion Collection

Стилът е важен! Открийте го в микросайта на Pufies Fashion Callection по дизайн и разработка на Студио Х.

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