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Bulgarian-American Credit Bank has a new web site

BACB (Bulgarian-American Credit Bank) has put its trust on Studio X for the development of the new corporate site.

Merry Xmas

STUDIO X wishes you a healthy, smiling, happy and prosperous 2014!

Wishes for bright holidays!

Thank you for the good partnerships, friendships, and successful projects this year. 


See our Christmas card here.






BG Site 2012 awarded prizes for web and again didn’t skip Studio X

On the Annual awards of "BG Site 2012" several projects designed by Studio X were nominated. Most of the awards heated the cold programmers hearts by winning the prizes from the votes of the jury or the audience/consumers.


Thanks again to all who considered our projects as interesting and qualitative and voted for us.


Here are our awards:


The category "Corporate Site" :

Winner : First Investment Bank (

2nd place : Kia Bulgaria (


Category " Special Award Lucrat usability " :

Winner : Kia Bulgaria (


Category 'Media'

Winner of the audience : D - Rock Radio (


"Teach for Bulgaria " in partnership with Studio X and PG " Velizar Peev" ( Svoge ) with a look...

Studio X Digital in school!

"Teach for Bulgaria " is a non-governmental organization in the field of education.


"Teach for Bulgaria" is actively working to achieve equal access to quality education for every child in Bulgaria , regardless of their socioeconomic status . To achieve this objective, the organization selects and provides support for training and development of young and ambitious people to become motivated teachers , leaders in schools in need . One of the goals of the organization is to get students opportunities to meet inspiration models, which would positively affect their lifetimes .


The organization has partnered with other communities , including the Bulgarian business because of their understanding of the importance of education for the competitiveness of our economy.


Studio X Digital is an IT company operating in the fields of web design that will gladly join the initiative in the school year 2013/2014 , the Agency and the students of the 12th grade in PG " Velizar Peev" on spec " Computers and Technology " will meet together in an hour. The aim is to create interest and awareness of the students in this professional field by meeting established professionals working in the field .


12 / Nov / 2013 will be held the first of the two open lectures . Together with the curriculum we will address some basic and interesting practices related to HTML, CSS and professional requirements in the field of web design. It will be demonstrated best practices of HTML5 and some restrictions on the specifics of a browser .


We will not pass without realizing small task in class in which everyone will participate .


The visitation among students aims to provoke their interest in the front-end development and  further gives them an opportunity to create interesting professional contacts .


Supported by:

1. Mr. Atanasov Stancho / Director of PG " Velizar Peev" /

2 . Studio X Digital

3 . Foundation "Teach for Bulgaria"


Technopolis - online shop and catalog

Online trade of consumer goods is one of the most competitive segments in the Web. We are delighted that together with Oryx Consulting we created the online store of the largest retailer of households appliances in Bulgaria! Who said "where to buy from"? From here - http :/ /


Studio X has launched the new online shop of OK Office

OK Office - a new fast growing company has decided to build their new web site together with Studio X.

Studio X has delivered the informational architecture, web design, development and the ERP integration.

As a result the web site visitors can enjoy a new, modern and well structured web site which will provide all kind of office materials needed.

Smile every day, live healthy, eat more soup and buy some office materials from OK Office.


Studio X is the new web agency of Vivacom

Starting the New 2013 Year Studio X is the new web agency of Vivacom. Vivacom is a telecommunication giant uniting BTC (Bulgarian Telecommunication Services) and Vivatel services.

Vivacom is a strong market leader, providing Home Telephone Services, Mobile services, Internet Connections, Converged Services and Digital TV.


The special program of Diners Club Bulgaria

The special Diners Club Bulgaria program "First Lady" has new web site, developed by Studio X.

Studio X has created the concept, the photo shooting, the web design and the development of the site.

As result the "First Lady" users can visit a modern and good looking web site and find all details of the program, as well to filter a list of all shops in all different categories, submited in the program


The new corporate site of First Investment Bank is online

Studio X has finished the work on a very challenging project - the new web site of First Investment Bank.

Thanks to the great support of the project team of the Bank and the efforts of Studio X members the project was delivered on time, despite the tight schedule.

Currently Studio X has the pleasure to work on another project with First investment Bank. The result will be announced very soon



Studio X took participation in the Bulgarian Web Awards 2012 and as a result also took many awards

The Bulgarian Web Awards Contest was always concidered to be a serious criteria in the web field in Bulgaria.
So no wonder Studio X has decided to participate this year, choosing six of his latest projects in different cateogories. The result - 5 awards, including the Big one - Best Web Site for Year 2012, which was awarded to KIA Bulgaria.
Well, what can we say...a lot of tears, a lot of kisses, a lot of chamaigne...

And here is the list of the awarded web sites:

1. Cateogory: Foods & Drinks; Client: Ficosota

2. Category: Art & Culture; Client: Art Gallery Plovdiv

3. Category: Cars; Client: KIA Mothors

4. Category: Best Web Site 2012; Client: KIA Mothors

5. Cateogry: Life Style & Leisure; Client:



KIA Bulgaria and their new web site. A beautiful story you should not miss....

KIA Bulgaria hit 10 years of success in Bulgaria and therefore decided to celebrate the anniversary with a big cocktail, shiny jazz songstress and a brand new web site, created by Studio X. Again.

Well, this is the second time in a 3 year period when KIA Bulgaria has entrusted the making of its web face to Studio X. Moreover, after seeing the result we still have been invited to the official party where we mixed tears and Champaign and personally gave a hug to the CEO, the PR, the sales Director and all KIA members, who were not fast enough to escape our turbulent hug.

So all KIA fans should feel more than invited to check the familiar web address and choose the model which fits the most to their specific aesthetic sense


Personalize your credit card with Societe General Expressbank

The New campaign of  Societe General Expressbank, gives to their customers the option to personalize the outlook of their new credit card, according their personal preferences. The web site was designed and developed by Studio X in a beautiful and user friendly way, allowing the visitors to choose and order the credit card they need with only 3 easy steps.

You are a sports fan? Or a traveler? Or may be you love animals? Or you ara keen on astrolgical signs? Well whatever your preferences are, Societe General Expressbank gives you the option to show it on your credit card. 

Why don't you try now?

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